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Jeevan Asha’s Health Program began in 2011 with our Maternal and Child Care project. With education already being targeted and improved, healthcare was our next big concern as it is a vital component to the overall well-being of a person. Our focus is primarily on the health and nutritional needs of expectant mothers, infants and young children, including our enrolled Day Care Center students.


Earning the trust of the community as we understood their unspoken needs, Jeevan Asha further diversified into different projects revolving around primary care, treatment and preventative measures.

It’s hard to hope for a high quality of life when you’re suffering with an illness or disease. Many of the healthcare problems people in the slums suffer from, are largely preventable.


Jeevan Asha plays a big role in helping make the preventable, possible.

In adding Healthcare to our Educational Projects, our network and partnerships and collaboration with other key organizations, hospitals and NGOs have exponentially created openings for the underprivileged to grab the opportunity of living healthier, more dignified lives.



In recognizing the high percentage of health challenges faced by people in under served communities, Jeevan Asha conducts Testing Camps in various locations. These Camps are free, run by qualified doctors, nurses, paramedics and healthcare workers and designed to increase access to quality services and healthcare.

How this Works:

  1. Create Awareness 

  2. Identify Patient’s Problem

  3. Helps Patients Receive Treatment

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Jeevan Asha carries a heart to see elderly citizens living lives of comfort and dignity, having easy access to receiving medical care. Many senior citizens live in the slums of Thane and have limited finances as well as struggle to receive medical support. Our Geriatric Care project focuses on reaching these elderly citizens by providing weekly medical supplies, hosting awareness programs, visiting homes and offering caring, listening ears. Jeevan Asha is currently caring for 100 senior citizens with plans to increase our reach. 


Jeevan Asha partners with Public Health Systems, such as the Municipal Primary Health Centres and Integrated Child Development Schemes, to work on improving the nutrition, immunity, knowledge and resources available for expecting women in underprivileged societies.


Our Maternal + Childcare project is focused on educating pregnant women in healthy practices such as nutrition, pre and postnatal care, breastfeeding, immunizations and institutional deliveries. This has minimized the likelihood of complications and preventable diseases that are often faced during childbirth or in the child-rearing years and improve the quality of life for these families.

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Jeevan Asha initiated Project HIV/AIDS Awareness & Care in 2014 to help prevent the number of people contracting the disease, increase early detection, and improve the quality of life of those living with an HIV/AIDS diagnosis. Since 2014, we have hosted 35 Counselling/Testing Camps, tested 2455 people (December 2021) and provided medical treatment and care to these communities. We are convinced that with proper medical care and support, people living with HIV/AIDS can live longer, happier and healthier lives.


Jeevan Asha’s aim is to minimize the percentage of Indian youth who contract preventable diseases through the provision of education and available immunizations. Local health care centers, play their part in assisting us as we organize community meetings, house visits, and vaccination and awareness camps to educate communities on proper health care, healthy food habits and the importance of taking care of one’s body.

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